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Educating for the future

To encourage investment in the school and educational careers of children from low-income families, from the end of the fifth year of primary school to the beginning of secondary school.


In progress

What does the project deal with?

Will deals with the various interrelated aspects of educational poverty  (cultural and educational opportunities, social relations, training). Over 1.2 million young people in Italy live in families that cannot afford the minimum expenses needed to enjoy an acceptable lifestyle. 

Will uses the Asset Building tool to incentivise household savings for the purchase of goods and services needed for study, cultural, sporting and recreational activities. 

What are the objectives?

The aim of the project is to offer all children greater opportunities to cultivate their interests and achieve their aspirations, thus preventing them from dropping out of school, while boosting their skills and confidence in the future.

Alongside the work done with the beneficiary families, the partners involved in the project decided to make use of the professional skills of the IRVAPP Research Institute to evaluate the effectiveness of the asset building tool in improving the educational outcomes of the children of low-income families. The evaluation was carried out using the Randomised Controlled Trial method, according to which some of the study participants, chosen randomly, are exposed to the intervention to be assessed, while the remaining subjects are placed in a control group. The project term is 4 years. 


Who is the project for? 

WILL is a project selected by the Con i Bambini social enterprise as part of the Italian National Fund to Combat Juvenile Educational Poverty and is aimed at 350 families in four areas of the country (Florence, South Sardinia, Turin, Teramo), who are the focal point of a shared project involving schools, trainers and local authorities.

WILL is a project selected by the Con i Bambini social enterprise as part of the National Fund to Combat Juvenile Educational Poverty and is co-funded by four foundations: Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Fondazione Banco di Sardegna and Fondazione TerCas.

The operational partners are distributed across the four areas covered by the experiment:

  • Turin: Cooperativa Sociale Un Sogno per Tutti, Ufficio Pio of Compagnia di San Paolo, Vides Main Association, Associazione Il Nostro Pianeta.
  • Florence: Fondazione Solidarietà Caritas onlus, Diaconia Valdese.
  • Teramo: Consorzio Solidarietà Aprutina, Caritas Teramo Atri
  • South Sardinia: Le Api and Il Mio Mondo Social Cooperatives.
  • Implementing organisation: Un Sogno per Tutti Cooperativa Sociale.
  • Evaluating organisation: IRVAPP Research Institute.

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