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Governance of FCSP’s Ufficio Pio.

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Ufficio Pio is headed by a Board of Directors and a Board of Auditors appointed by FCSP.

Chair of the Board of Directors

The Chair of the Board of Directors is appointed by FCSP from among the Board’s members, and is the legal representative of Ufficio Pio. Like the Board itself, the Chair has a term of office lasting three years.

Franca Maino
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors establishes the policy directions and rules for the organisational and operational work of Ufficio Pio. Its members have a three-year term of office and are appointed by FCSP from a range of candidates with expertise in social and welfare issues.

Abderrahmane Amajou
Valentina Battiloro
Antonella Di Fabio
Don Paolo Fini
Marzia Sica
Romilda Tafuri
Marco Vignati

Appointed by the Board of Directors, at the proposal of the Chair, with the recommendation of FCSP. The Director is responsible for the organisation and operation of Ufficio Pio.

The Board of Directors that came to office appointed William Revello as Executive Director of Ufficio Pio.

William Revello
Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors exercises the powers and functions of control laid down in art. 2403 et seq. of the Italian civil code. It is made up of three standing auditors and one alternate auditor appointed by FCSP, which also specifies which member should take the role of Chair. The Board of Auditors holds office for three years.

  • Presidente, Ernesto Carrera
  • Revisore effettivo, Sonia Luciani
  • Revisore effettivo, Alessandro Rossi
  • Revisore supplente, Paolo Ceruzzi

Reference documents

Governing document of FCSP’s Ufficio Pio

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