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Training courses for mothers returning to work.

To support women entering or returning to the labour market.



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What does the project deal with? 

JUMP – JUggling Motherhood and Profession addresses the issue of women with young children (1-10 years) who live alone, have had a career break, have been out of the labour market for a long time or have never entered it, having to reconcile care with time at work.


What are the results? 
The project, which won the European Commission’s “Erasmus + 2015” call for proposals, offers social workers the tools needed to understand problematic situations better, improve their knowledge of socio-cultural differences and support women on the path to empowerment, allowing them to approach the labour market.

  • Fondazione Ufficio Pio of Compagnia di San Paolo (Italy, foundation)
  • EtaBeta c.s. (Italy, social cooperative)
  • CIRSDe/University of Turin (Italy, Research Centre, University)
  • FundaciónSenara (Spain, Foundation)
  • CESI – Center for Education, Counselling and Research (Croatia, education centre)

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