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New financial literacy tools.

To help local operators and institutions teach financial literacy.



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What does the project deal with? 

FinKit deals with the issue of financial literacy, which, together with savings management, is a basic skill for improving individual economic well-being and achieving active citizenship. Enhancing these skills is crucial, even for low-income people, to avoid them slipping into poverty. The project provides specific financial literacy tools and helps operators (trainers and volunteers) and local institutions successfully transfer such content.


What are the results? 

The project provides a kit to support social workers in understanding and successfully transmitting financial literacy to individuals at risk, in order to help older people manage some of the risks potentially related to age, such as financial fragility and the risks of fraud and manipulation. The kit consists of printed and multimedia tools: Five exercise books, two videos and a web app, designed to be used in financial education programmes, as well as in more informal training settings.

  • CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto (Italy, research centre)
  • Fondazione Ufficio Pio of Compagnia di San Paolo (Italy, foundation)
  • INSEAD OEE Data Services (France, data analysis company)
  • Spanish Confederation of Education Centres (Spain, non-profit organisation)
  • Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (Portugal, university)
  • Museo del Risparmio (Italy, private organisation)

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